Memory Walk huge success for The Orange Neighbours

On Wednesday 13th June Conwy Borough Football Club newly formed social enterprise, The Orange Neighbours, hosted members of the community and partners at the club.

The community group planned and delivered a ‘Memory Walk’ to raise awareness of Dementia, as well as raising awareness of the community programmes which are being delivered at the clubs fantastic facilities for the people of Conwy.

The day supported the Alzheimer’s Society’s wider awareness campaign as well as Vi-Ability’s joint collaboration with the Football Association of Ireland, to promote positive health and wellbeing in the community.

Members of the Alzheimer’s Society met with the group and shared information with the club volunteers, participants of the programmes that are delivered by more than a club, and members of Conwy Council. They talked about the disease and how it affects people and families, and it highlighted everyday examples where it’s not just about forgetting, but difficulties with planning, changes in mood or behaviour and struggling to hold conversations.

Together everyone then embarked on a 3-mile walk along the coastal path towards Conwy Castle, which was a huge success; We were able to talk to each other along the way, sharing stories and memories – whilst enjoying the fantastic views of the North Wales town.

Individuals who participated were of all ages and abilities and there was a great community feel and sense of accomplishment back at the clubhouse, where everyone enjoyed a cup of tea and some cupcakes that were hand decorated by the participants on the ‘More than a Club’ project.

On behalf of the ‘More than a Club’ project, we would like to personally thank the Alzheimer’s Society for the support in making this day a huge success, as well as the individuals who took part in raising awareness and donations for this worthy cause.

Mandy Powell who is head of health, innovation and enterprise for the project said; “A key aim of the project is to put football clubs back to the heart of the community and drive a community-led approach to health. The Orange Neighbours health initiative aims to provide support that empowers communities to positively impact their own health and well being such as prevention, disease awareness and management. We hope to make Conwy a dementia friendly place, where the community is actively supporting each other with positive activities for a healthy and educated borough.”


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The “More than a Club” project, led by the Football Association of Ireland and Vi-Ability, aims to develop new social enterprises aligned with four football clubs in Ireland and Wales, which will design, develop and deliver innovative social programmes centered around health, education and social inclusion.

The pilot project is supported by the Ireland Wales European Territorial Co-Operation programme, which is helping to strengthen collaboration between Ireland and Wales to address common economic and social challenges.

For more information about the project in Conwy, please email or contact the office on 01492 583 555.

You can also visit for more.